Monday, June 26, 2017

26-30 Wildcard Week!

Well we had plenty of practice sharing our diverse creative endeavors each weekend so it's fitting that we end this year's #TERPart with a Wildcard Week!  I'm in San Antonio, Texas most of this week at the ISTE conference along with the Grundlers and others so lets have fun and creative all week and share the results!  Whatever you do just remember to have fun and enjoy the process!  It was a pleasure working with all of you again this year, thanks for participating, it was really great to see the work each day!  We'll celebrate #TERPart on Thursday as I co-host #K12artchat with Team Grundler to wrap up the conference and #k12artchallenge!

Saturday, June 24, 2017

24-25 Weekend Wildcard

It's time for another Weekend Wildcard: it's an opportunity to do whatever you like and whatever you have time for. This week I'll be in San Antonio at the ISTE EdTech conference so I included some images from local San Antonio artists David “Shek” Vega (above) and Cruz Ortiz (below). Use the time to experiment and push the envelope! Be creative, make any kind of #art & share it!

Monday, June 19, 2017

19-23 Printmaking Week

This week is dedicated to printmaking of any kind: transfer prints, gelli prints, aquatint, linocut, screenprinting, photo engraving, you name it.  We are starting out with a simple monoprint (a one of a kind) then moving on to a ghost print (a second print from the original plate) then on to a monotone print (shades of one color) then to mixed media (add other media) and finally experimental (go crazy with creativity).  As a few of us have been doing prints already this seems like a fun direction to go in but feel free to ask questions if you are not that experienced with printmaking.  It would also be fun to make multiples and trade prints if anyone is interested let me know!

17-18 Weekend Wildcard

Happy fathers Day! Here are some highlights from this weekends Weekend Wildcard:

Monday, June 12, 2017

12-16 Transition to Summer

It's that time of year when we are all transitioning from the spring work life into summer.  Last week was my final week of classes and one of the things I'm learning from experience as well as in social emotional learning is the value of personal wellness.  Taking care of yourself is essential for educators and it's especially relevant while easing the transition into/out of classes and the changes that come with it.  For many of us the structure of our day changes and it's an opportunity to find some time for being creative and making it part of your summer routine.  I know for myself it certainly helps my attitude and outlook as well as allowing for some expression of emotions so I hope it does the same for you.  Below are the Summer Transition themes for this week, as always enjoy and share your work with #TERPart and #k12artchallenge!
As an extra challenge see if you can get some of your work out into the world this week, as teachers we don't always have the chance to submit our work into contests and exhibits but there are may opportunities via websites like CaFE and Illustration Friday or with JJ Community and Magnum for photographers.  If you do enter work be sure to share and celebrate it!


10-11 Weekend Wildcard

Every weekend the theme will be Weekend Wildcard: it's an opportunity to do whatever you like and whatever you have time for. The image above from Jonni Cheatwood is a great example- use the time to experiment and push the envelope! Be creative, make any kind of #art & share it!

Here's some of the highlights of this weekend:

Monday, June 5, 2017

5-9 Mixed Media

Now that we are warmed up, this week we're focusing on Mixed Media and today's challenge is to create a mixed media piece using any 2 media.  Have fun and enjoy the process, working in mixed media can lead to some really interesting results.  The portrait above is by NCO aka Florian Nicolle but you can also mix digital with traditional media or even try merging time based media with drawing- have fun and share it with #TERPart and #k12artchallenge.

Here are some of the week's mixed media highlights: