Monday, June 6, 2016

6/6 Creative Mastery

This week we will focus on building real creative mastery with a special challenge of tackling the same subject for 4 days in a row.

 I was always blown away by the fact that artists like Monet and Matisse created so many works based on the same subject.  Monet was famous for making multiple works in studying the light and changes on the facade of Rouen Cathedral and the haystacks in Giverny.  Artists like Camille Pissarro was also known for his series of the Boulevard Montmartre at different times and Matisse create multiple studies of a subject at the same time and was known to literally white out the work and remake it again on the same canvas until it was mastered.

You choose a subject and choose how you will approach the repetition- draw multiples on top of each other, paint the same subject at different times, or just give different perspective of the same thing over 4 days- be creative and make it work for you.  The subject can be simple of complex, you can focus on details and changes or the similarities over time.  You can share your creative process each day using the hashtag #TERPart and share the final series on Thursday.  I'm really interested in see the process here because it should be a learning experience for all of us- this is the kind of experiment which we've all heard of but never give ourselves time to try, so good luck!


  1. Good one! I have one more day of school with kids and then I can shift my attention a bit.