Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Day 1: Theme- Where Are You?

Welcome to day one of The Everyday Renaissance creative challenge. The concept is to keep the creativity flowing and challenge yourself while sharing the work you create with others.  Each day a new creative prompt will post here at 8am EST and the resulting artwork can be shared using the hashtags #TERPart and partners #k12artchallenge.  The Everyday Renaissance podcast will be launching this month in conjunction with this project.  Over the course of the month everyone who participates in the project will be invited to be part of the first episode on the creative process and role of creativity in your life. 

In order to better know who's participating today's challenge is: Where Are You?

Create a piece in any media that reflects where you are right now- that can be very specific such as drawing people next to you in a coffee shop or general such as a landscape out your window.  Feel free to include some sense of where your at emotionally as well!  Use the media that best reflects your location and emotional state and feel free to share the work on Twitter, Instagram, Vine, or elsewhere using the hashtag #TERPart.

Here's an overview of the first few days:

7/1- Where Are You?
7/2- Gold
7/3- In Transit
7/4- The Americans
7/5- Sun Day

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