Thursday, July 30, 2015

Day 31: Theme- Reflection

Our final creative challenge theme is: Reflection.  Ironically I chose this theme a while back before I knew that the creative challenge for August would be Reflect 31 but now it's even more fitting.  I must say it has been a terrific experience working with you all creatively each day this month and I hope you have enjoyed it as well!  I really feel like I have come to know all of you and this experience has both sharpened our creative skills and brought us all closer together.

Today your mission is to reflect on the last 30 days- what you learned, what you created, how you changed and how you are different now.  You are welcome to create a new piece today based on the theme of reflection but lets also go out with some reflections on our work.  Share some of your favorite work over the last month of this creative challenge.

The Everyday Renaissance will be launching a podcast in September that includes many of you so I included a sneak peak below as a preview- the first episode is focused on the creative process.  The podcast and larger project will offer a creative challenge at the end of each episode so I encourage you all to join in.

The Everyday Renaissance Podcast preview

Take a listen to the link above to hear the clip of the first episode of the podcast- it features: Nic, Kate, Cris, Lindsay, Arlene, Jennifer, Tricia, Michelle, Melissa, and myself.  Thanks to all of you for participating, I'll update you when the full episode will post and you're all invited to the launch party- even if you can only attend online!

And finally as always tag your work #TERPart and our partner #k12artchallenge who will be continuing with a daily creative challenge in August which should be fun as well!

Love you guys, thanks & stay creative!

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