Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Day 15: Theme- Tweet

Today is the birthday of Twitter and we are celebrating! The tweets above by founders Jack Dorsey and Biz Stone were the first tweets on what was then called twttr. The social media service was launched on this day back in 2006 and it went on to make a huge global impact.  Twitter is part of what makes this creative challenge project possible so today we will examine that impact on a personal level with some creativity.

 Choose any twitter account that you follow that inspires you wether it's a pop musician, a great museum, a fellow educator, or a media giant and create a work of art for them. It's something like a very artistic version of a follow friday and in addition to their twitter address make sure you include the hashtags #TERPart and #k12artchallenge.

Also now that we are almost at the half-way point I created a TERPart Twitter list so it will be easier to connect with other people participating in the project.  Click the link to see the feeds and accounts of the 52 people that have participated so far!

 Looking forward to seeing some inspiration about what inspires today!

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