Monday, July 27, 2015

Day 28: Theme- ATC

Today's creative challenge theme is: Artist Trading Cards.  It's inspired by our own MiniMatisse aka Nic Hahn.  I love Artist Trading Cards- basically they are just small works of art on a 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" piece of paper or board that are made to trade (although that's certainly not mandatory).  I've created a few ATC's in the past and I think it would be great to actually share so physical work as well as work on social media as TERPart comes to a close this week.  The examples above are from a some terrific artists such as: Luke Chueh, KaNO, and Brian Flynn who created them for the art hustle, a professional series of artist trading cards.

Today's mission is to create a small work aka artist trading card  The subject is entirely up to you.  If you'd like to actually swap cards let me know when you share your work on social media and I'll help arrange it when I know how many people are interested.  As always use the hashtag #TERPart and our partner tag #k12artchallenge.

MiniMatisse is planing an Artist Trading Card swap for school classes in November and its a perfect opportunity to share ATC's via classroom- here's the link: MiniMatisse ATC Swap.  She'll also be hosting the #K12artchat this Thursday dedicated to the topic so make sure to stop by!

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