Monday, July 27, 2015

Day 27: Theme- Sleep

Today's creative challenge theme is: Sleep.  As an adult I feel this is something I just don't get enough of and I may be presumtious here but I feel like most of you might relate!  When we sleep we enter another world and as Jeff Iliff explains in his amazing TED talk below it's something that takes up almost a third of our lives.  Sleep has so many benefits for us as humans- refreshing our bodies and through dreaming working out our issues and choices in life.

Your mission today is to examine sleep creatively and spend some time looking at what most people take for granted- also if you could catch up on some sleep that would be terrific too!  The great image above is a silkscreened poster by another caffeine dependent artist Angryblue aka Justin Kamerer- check out his work it's great!  As always share your work via social media with the hashtag #TERPart and our partner tag #k12artchallenge.  Good night, sleep tight!

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