Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Day 29: Theme- Fear

Today's creative challenge theme is: Fear.  As we near the end of our month of daily creative challenges I think it's a good opportunity to look at what holds us back.  In addition to art and teaching I'm also an occasional journalist and above is a segment from an interview I did with actor and creative James Franco (of Freaks and Geeks and Spider-Man) in which I talk to him about his relationship with fear, the artist Marina Abramović, and his work as a director and star of the film The Broken Tower.  As artists we all have fears and we are generally a bit more aware of them, the key is to look at them and not let them hold us back.  There are so many artists that use there own fears as subject matter for their work such as  Louise Bourgeois and Francis Bacon and it's very personal.

Today's mission is to explore one of your own fears through art.  Look at what you are afraid of and own it by accepting that it's there and sharing your work.  As always use the hashtag #TERPart and our partner tag #K12artchallenge on social media.

There are just 2 days left of TERPart this month, I look forward with sharing a preview of the podcast with all of you on Friday!

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