Thursday, July 16, 2015

Day 16: Theme- Triptych Part 1

Today's creative challenge theme is a bit different, it's a three part theme over the next three days. Today is- Triptych Part 1 and there's many great examples in art history but I chose one above by one of my favorites, the photographer JR. Remember there's no size, shape, or media requirements and now no theme either just a format. You pick the theme, or as it often happens- let the theme pick you and spend the next three days creating a work each day that all relate. Part of what I work towards in the summer is not just being creative everyday but creating a body of work which means multiple pieces that thematically relate.

Each day post your process images or a different part of of the triptych and on Saturday post the 3 together if possible, This is an experiment so have fun and remember to enjoy the creativity even if you get a bit lost along the way.

 It's also the official halfway point of our project so I want to thank and congratulate you all for coming this far and sticking to it. I mentioned yesterday that I created a twitter list here TERPart List. You can actually save the list to your twitter account, see all the 52 members, and just follow the feed easily using the list. If anyone missed out please let me know!

 I'm also in the middle of editing the podcast so I have one more set of questions for people to answer if the want to participate. I loved hearing the answers to the last round of questions! the questions are:

1. How has your relationship with art and creativity changed and developed?

 2. Do you believe in an artist's or creative block- have you dealt with it?

 3. What's your best advice for people who want to be creative everyday and make art a part of their life?

Just record you answers along with your name and location to me at

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