Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Day 8: Theme- Bellafiore

Congratulations, it's been a full week of the creative challenge and you've all shared such terrific and inspiring work, ideas, and tools- it's so great to see!  Our theme today is Bellafiore, literally in Italian "beautiful flower" and it's in honor of one of our own, Melissa aka @Mbella330 who has a big birthday today.  You can focus on flowers themselves, the words, or anything else that it brings to mind!

Now that we are one week in I'm going to invite all of you to share some of your thoughts and feelings on your experience with me for the upcoming podcast.  The theme is the creative process and we'll take on a few ideas but this week I'll start with three questions:

1. What role does art play in your life?  (How does being creative make you feel or effect you)

2. What is your creative process like? (When you set out to make art, where do you begin and how does the work develop)

3.  What are your feelings and/or suggestions about this daily art challenge

If you want to be part of the podcast answer these questions via your voice recorder on your smartphone and email them to me at with Podcast 1 in the title.  Make sure to find a relatively quiet place to record and begin by sharing your name, location, and occupation.  I'll be editing your submissions into a short piece that I will share on the podcast at the end of the month but I'll put out some previews as the challenge progresses!

Since today's theme is inspired by Melissa I asked her to be the first to contribute so here's a short sample of her submission for the podcast- take a listen on The Everyday Renaissance Podcast page

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