Friday, July 24, 2015

Day 24: Theme- Folk

Today's creative challenge theme is: Folk and this one is going out to the Newport Folk Festival which begins today and where I'll be spending the weekend.  The festival is one of the oldest running music festivals in the country with it's start in 1959 and it's where Bob Dylan famously went electric back in 1965- 50 years ago tomorrow! I've been attending the festival for years and it's always a favorite highlight of my summer thanks to the music, art, and general positive atmosphere.

 Today's mission is to let your inner folk out. Folk isn't just a genre of music, it's a genre of art and a general idea that stems from down to earth, grassroots thinking.  Allow yourself to embrace simplicity and low-tech to create artworks or get together with friends and family and use that as a motivation. Remember have fun, be in the moment, and share your work via social media with our hashtag #TERPart and our partner tag #K12artchallenge.

There are some really terrific musicians playing today including: Roger Waters of Pink Floyd, Iron & Wine, Ben Birdwell of Band of Horses, Bahamas, Watkins Family Hour, Calexico, and others so I will likely not be checking in online as often as normal but I will check out the work on the crawl home- Folk on!

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